Self defense, the Taiho Jutsu way – Training details

The training clothes of Taiho Jutsu is a black Keikogi (“kimono”) accompanied by a belt of color indicating the rank of the practitioner (white for beginners, other belt colors are similar to the standard Japanese martial arts system used in the West).

Wearing a groin guard, for men and women, is mandatory. We sometimes use gloves and mouth guard.

Courses are accessible to everyone, without restrictions of ranks. A minimum age of 15 is however required to participate (children under 18 must be able to prove the consent of their parents).

Martial arts prepare the body and mind and to this end, the lessons are very varied.
After a complete warm-up, the lessons start with a technical learning phase in order to improve the students’ skills (whether it’s strikes, throws, join lock, restraining techniques, etc.) so that the practitioner can capitalize on its achievements and enrich his knowledge. Then, depending of the session, we work on physical strengthening or simulation exercises (whether it be through randori or predefined scenario) and finish the lessons by a recuperation and relaxation phase (including shiatsu and stretching).

The courses are given in English, French and Spanish.