Rich Franklin – How to be a loser

For the older ones (or those interested in the big names of MMA), Rich Franklin is a name that will be familiar to you. One of the first great names of the MMA, humble, charismatic and great fighter (UFC Middleweight Champion). He is definitely one of the great gentlemen of the MMA.
He began his career in 1999 and will sign at the UFC in 2003 (UFC 43). He will be crowned champion of his category in 2005 and will defend his title three times. In addition, he also holds a master’s degree in mathematics and is a high school teacher.

In other words, he was one of the emblematic figures of this sport and he considerably participated in its acceptance and discovery by the mainstream public.

What we are interested in today is his excellent intervention during a TEDx. Rich Franklin talks about his fight against Anderson Silva in which he lost his title and, above all, what he learned from it. It’s one of my favourite speeches. Rich covers many topics from taking risks, apologizing for our failures, judgement from others, etc…..

Unfortunately, the sound quality is not really good (be warned), which is a shame, but it doesn’t matter. I am convinced that the core of the speech, in whole or in part, will speak to everyone. A little piece of knowledge and humility, a lesson in life that Rich has received and that he shares with us. It’s told with humour and brilliance, it’s really a video that I recommend to everyone. Not only martial artists, although chances are the discourse will speak more to them.