Day to day Self defense | Evolutions for 2018

Here are some details following the previous post regarding the changes we’re going to bring in this year. Since the club opened 3 years ago, we have always tried to offer a realistic approach to self defense. Like the Taiho Jutsu, we are still trying to improve our practice and our classes while remaining within a strict, legalistic, self-defence framework.

It is very important for us to offer a teaching that is both fun and realistic in a pleasant atmosphere for all practitioners. So, this year again, we will continue this process and make some changes to the lessons.

First of all, we will continue to train and practice, with you of course, but also outside the Taiho Jutsu Club. The practice of a martial art is a perpetual learning process and we want to confront other methods and stay up to date on the techniques (especially those used by professionals who provide us with valuable feedback on their effectiveness).
As you know, Taiho Jutsu is an evolving martial art and the techniques referenced in the past are likely to evolve, our practice is not frozen in time, what’s applicable to our martial art is applicable to us, as learning being, as well.
In fact, we have also planned to increase the number of meetings with teachers and students from other disciplines so that everyone can progress by comparing their knowledge.

Then, this year again we have invested in new protective equipment, which will allow us to work a little more deeply on stressful situations.
Indeed, self defense is not just a set of techniques to physically control an opponent, far from it. It is only the visible part of the iceberg, self defense is above all managing stress, knowing how to control yourself, being attentive to your environment, knowing how to defuse a conflict situation, etc… That is why we will focus on this part of the training this year and share our limited knowledge on the subject in the hope that it will encourage everyone to go a little further in their personal research.

We look forward to your feedback about the courses and activities organized during this year so that we can all progress together!