Season 2016 / 2017

Hello everyone!

We have been very silent on this site during the last months despite the fact that the Belgium Taiho Justu school is more alive than ever!

We are very pleased to have welcomed many beginners this year and delighted to see that the vast majority of our students present the last season are continuing their practice with us!

We have a lot of things plan for this year, first of all, a delegation of a dozen students will go to the international Taiho Jutsu Seminar in Paris on December 10th. Stage organized by the French school under the aegis of Sensei Jean Michel Roncero, 9th Dan of Taiho Justu.

Of course, we plan to multiply these exchanges in the future, we are currently considering the organization of a seminar in Belgium so that the black belts of the French school can share their experiences with our students. In addition, the next international seminars will be announced here regularly so the students who wish to participate would be able to.

Enjoy the end of the year everyone, we wish you a very good new year, may this one be a martial one!

Giordano & Julien