New Menus

A new menu has been added on the site, named “Articles”, this one will contain several things. First of all, we are working on a glossary to allow the martial arts practitioners (and, especially, our students) to get to know the vocabulary used during the courses. This one will be publish soon in English and will evolve all year long.

We have also started a page in order to create a kind of thesaurus of the techniques used in Taiho Jutsu (blows, throws, immobilizations, lock, ground controls, and so on…). As well, it will be filled more and more during the year. The goal is, ultimately, being able to be used as a memo to review what has been seen during the lesson.

Finally, the last part will contain various articles about martial arts in general and self defense in particular and will be here to help the students getting more knowledge about those subjects.

The articles will most likely published in French first, but the translations will follow as soon as possible after each addition.