Our Sensei

Our Belgian section is affiliated to the Taiho Jutsu French School. We transmit our knowledge under the aegis of Sensei Jean Michel Roncero.

Roncero Sensei, high ranked in several martial arts, is the creator of the French school, our technical director and our godfather.

Sensei Jean Michel Roncero
Sensei Jean Michel Roncero

  • 9th Dan Taiho Justu (B.T.J.A.)
  • 8th Dan Bu Jutsu : (A.F.B.J.B)
  • 6th Dan Ju Jitsu :(E.J.J.U.)
  • 6th Dan Kaisendo (C.E.K.A.M.A)
  • 5th Dan Kodokan Judo (B.T.J.A.)
  • 3th Dan Hakko-Ryu Ju Jutsu (Japon)
  • State-certified teacher in Judo/Ju Jitsu
  • Europe Manager and French president for CEKAMA
  • International expert in police self defense
  • President of Law Enforcement training center of Paris
  • Medal of Ministry of Youths and Sport
  • Medal of Youth Judiciary Protection
  • Knight of National Order of Merit