Taiho Jutsu in details

Taiho Jutsu is a synthesis of several Japanese martial arts dedicated to law enforcement officer. Hence, there are both techniques common to other martial arts and very specific techniques as well as a distinctive philosophy.

For example, we practice Karate atemis, Judo throws, Aikido locks or Ju Jitsu ground techniques. But also specific techniques like ground immobilization for handcuffing purposes, the use of the police stick (Tambo), control techniques, rescue a person in danger, etc…

All these techniques are studied and coordinated in order to obtain maximum efficiency in terms of control of the opponent while respecting his health.
Indeed, Taiho Jutsu is practised under strict respect of self-defence that is taught to students. Each practitioner must know the legislation in order to better apply it in their everyday life.

The practice will induce a self-confidence improvement and a relaxation of the mind to make the right decisions at the right time in a stressful situation.

One of the strengths of the Taiho Justu is its scalability. The system is revised at regular intervals in order to take into account statistics of police interventions. Thus, by listing the injuries and problems that occurred during police operations, the system is perfected, freed of techniques that are not efficient enough and enriched with new practices.